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A Little Window

Hands and feet you could almost hold. In years gone by, you would have to wait the whole nine months before any of these questions could be answered.  But with today's 3D/4D Ultrasound technology some of them can be answered sooner.  We can't shorten the time of your pregnancy, but we can provide a glimpse into the womb.

 It's been described as "Putting a window into your child's little room, and getting to look around for a short time."  You get to see images of your child that are so perfect that the first moment you get to see your child happens, even before they are born.

At Sound Medical Imaging, we can give you the chance to experience that first moment.  We can provide you with a comfortable setting personalized for you, where you can look into that window and enjoy your child.  We even offer keepsakes that you can take home with you, to enjoy time and time again.

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